Our Products...

En-Sync Group is very proud to have a portfolio that encompasses both the Data Center and Industrial market segments.  Over the years, we have focused our product offering to include companies that are market leaders and some of the best in their product divisions.  We also represent a few developing and cutting edge technology companies that are breaking new ground in their respective fields.

Please review our list of products and let us know where we might be able to help.

Variable Frequency Drives & Soft Starts

Air & water cooled through 2800 hp

• General purpose & high performance

• OEM, HVAC, Industrial drive solutions

 Clean power solutions 

Power Products                  Sensing

• Circuit Breakers                                 Safety Sensors
• Disconnects                                       Capacitive Proximity
• DC Contactors to 1800A                    Inductive Proximity
• Vacuum Contactors to 1500V            Limit Switches
Lighting Contactors                            Photoelectric Sensors
• Definite Purpose Contactors              Power & Conveyor Sensors

Automation                          Motor Control

• PLC’s                                                 Starters
HMI’s                                                 Contactors
• SmartWire                                         Manual Motor Protectors
• Timers & Counters                            Electronic Overloads
• Distribution & Termination                 Pushbuttons
• Stacklights                                         Power Supplies
• Relays                                               Electronic Motor Starters

Diesel Rotary UPS Systems

Turnkey power solutions to ensure uninterruptible, continuous &
 conditioned power supply to mission critical processes 
 Ride Through Systems protect critical processes during short power quality problems
 1 MW to 3.5MW UPS Systems: highest availability, highest reliability,
 lowest TCO, highest energy efficiency, lowest footprint

Revolutionary Electrical Power Distribution

 Build as you need, customizable lengths & colors, modular design
 40 to 800 amp , up to 600 volt
Busway is tapped instantly, at any location, without losing uptime
Quick ship program (1-2 days) for commonly configured tap boxes
 Commonly found in data centers, retail, labs, industrial, and higher education
Thousands of pre-configured tap box configurations, plus customization capabilities.